Free Adobe Photoshop Course for Beginners

This Free Adobe Photoshop Course Tutorial Is Aimed at Beginners.
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Introduction to Photoshop: 0:00
Before you started: 2:35
Layers: 8:24
Navigation & combining images : 19:05
Fix images using levels: 26:43
Enhance colors using vibrance: 30:46
Change the color using Hue: 34:15
Change just one color: 37:07
Make images black & white: 39:04
Using gradients: 43:40
Specific sized documents : 54:37
Drawing shapes : 58:48
Stealing Colors & Color Themes: 01:10:50
Creating text: 01:17:29
Warp text: 01:25:39
Text to follow a line: 01:27:36
Adding strokes to type: 01:40:40
Bevel & emboss text : 01:48:57
Drop shadows : 01:51:17
Presenting your work: 01:54:20
Project 1 – Postcard: 02:00:56
Outro: 02:05:26

This is a free excerpt from the full course by Daniel Scott “Adobe Photoshop CC Essentials Training Course”. Learn Adobe Photoshop by using this course to achieve the basic skills needed to move forward with Photoshop.

Daniel Scott has taught over 200,000 students across his online training career, welcome to the club!

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