The Fastest Way to Dodge and Burn in Photoshop

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We’re old schoolin’ it in today’s episode as we show you the fastest way to dodge and burn in Photoshop!

To start out, duplicate the background layer by pressing Cmd/Ctrl + J. Next, desaturate that layer by pressing Shift + Cmd/Ctrl + U. On that layer, change the blending mode to Vivid Light.

Now, go to Filter — Other — High Pass. This is the same technique you would use to sharpen an image; the only difference is that we are going to bring the radius very far up. This focuses on the details in a broader way.

At first, this effect will probably be much too intense. So, to have more control, create a layer mask and then paint back in what you want to be visible. You can also change the blend mode to something like Soft Light if you want a more subtle look.

That’s all it takes to dodge and burn quickly in Photoshop!


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